Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lorenza Holt: My Women's Health Hero

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  1. It is precisely because of women like Lorenza that birhting women will wander into the depth of their own experience and start howling with the power and confidence to own this sacred, spiritual and life altering experience.

    Raising the Volume of Women's Voices

    "Lorenza was born and grew up in Mexico; she is bilingual and began working as a community coordinator for the Cambridge Birth Center before it even opened in the mid-90s. Lorenza was instrumental in creating its doula program, which continues to serve a culturally diverse population."
    "When Lorenza excitedly describes her work helping women discover their strength, courage, and power during this significant moment in their lives, you can literally feel the depth of her passion and the intensity of her commitment."

    For more about Lorenza Holt and the passionate work she dedicates herself to please check out the following link.

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